Thursday, July 20, 2006

More Complements (21-30)

I take another deep breath, and, while I am waiting for my civilian aide to finish cleaning my office and do the back-log of filing, continue with my meme from Jon. I am supposed to hit one hundred people, but I think I might just start repeating the same list a couple of times. I'll just change the spelling on the names and you guys won't be able to tell the difference, will you?

This group will focus on family

21. Mom - you always did make the best gringle pie for the holidays. Thanks for teaching me the basics in the kitchen. It helped now that I live by myself most of the time.

22. Dad - I know it was a struggle for all of us, especially when the Empire took over the ship yards and cut everyone's pay. Still, you managed and we were never without what we needed, especially your love and attention.

23. Carynial (my big sister) - You were a good sister and covered my butt more than once. We watched each-other's backs for a while.

24. Maytaia (little sister) - Although you were a pain when I was growing up, you were still a lot of fun to tease and goof off with.

25. Ragnat (pet Borlanine) - My four-legged friend that was always good for an afternoon of chasing sticks and swimming in the quarry lake.

26. Tuffren (childhood best friend) - Thanks for discovering the opposite sex first, and having an older brother who told us both the facts of life. Although most of it turned out to be Bantha fodder, it was still exciting.

27. Mr. Benahipply - My high school math teacher who showed me the fun of numbers and put me on the road to astrodynamics and flying.

28. Uncle Hacknoy - Who taught me to shoot and hunt. I still use those strategies that we used hunting wild Creech for dinner.

29. Old Mr. Vernatcoh - Thanks for selling me your ex-wife's old speeder.

30. Hack and Zeph - Thanks for showing me how to fix up that old speeder into something that would give me the urge to go higher and faster.


Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Wow, I thought that you were just going to do 20, but keep up a the good work. You're doing great.

1:51 PM  

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