Monday, May 15, 2006

That was fun... NOT

Well, my fellow time travelers, it was quite a weekend. I have been studying for my practice exam (which was on Saturday) to maintain my flight commander status. I tried to make the case that in 'real time' I didn't need to take this exam for three more weeks. However several other people tried to use that excuse and it was denied by the admiralty.

So, I took the test a couple of days ago and now I am waiting for the results. The actual exam is later this month. OK, enough of that.

The bordom here is really setting in. The admiral has ordered all the commands to start regular drills and physical training sessions to keep discipline on the vessel. This included all civilian personnel. Needless to say my civilian aide is a little pissed about suiting up and breaking sweat with the pilots and mechanics in the squad.

On the upside, at least we know what happen with Jaina, so now I am only searching for M5. My office is now cleaner than the day I moved in. I am now going to clean out my bunk area, if my roommate has not beat me to it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More of Mr. Yoda

I also found this out-take for a public service anouncement that the Jedi Temple was putting out a long time ago.


Boy, the things you find when you have time on your hands.

What Mr. Yoda is doing...

If you are wondering why Mr. Yoda was so forthcoming with Mr. Kanobi, this may answer your question.


As if we didn't have enough to worry about.

Who phoned home?!?

Well, space fans, it would appear that SOMEONE, may have tampered with the timeline!

I don't know who to blame, but Lt. Solo has not been seen for many days now (but then neither has M5).

This transmission came in yesterday...

I must caution you that this transmission contains adult themes.


Everyone, PLEASE BE PATIENT! We don't want any more of this type of thing to happen.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hittin' the books!

Well, with all this time on our hands, someone had the idea to review all the personnel records for the crew. It seems that I am die for retraining on both my command requirements (per the GCMJ) and on my x-wing pilot certification. The second one should not be a problem because I do keep current with my flight craft.

The command reqs, however, will need to be re-read. I have not really looked at the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for my rank classification in a long time: not since I made Commander. So, while we try and pass the time here, I will call up the regulations on my terminal and start to study.

The other news worth talking about out here is the interesting way people are dealing with the boredom. It seems some real adventurous crew members have set up traps to catch the 'space rats' that permeate the ship. They are then cooking the vermin and selling the meat to other unsuspecting crew members. Once the Admiral had the med droid prove the food was safe, he let it go on. The Admiral was happy that someone was actually getting rid of the unwanted pests.

There is also a rumor that someone has built a still down in engineering, but I haven't seen any alcoholic beverages floating around for several days. Maybe they are perfecting their recipe.

Monday, May 08, 2006

A long weekend

Wow, things got really scary there for a while. I was on the flight deck when it happened. Apparently a random patrol was detected near by and we had to totally shut down the ship. The whole place went to emergency battery power and turned off every non-essential system. Then most everyone huddled in the flight bay to keep warm. We did not want to be detected by the patrol droids.

The little buggers hung around for just over 36 hours! Needless to say things did get uncomfortable for everyone. At one point, the Admiral even shut off the gravity generators and we all just floated for a spell. Actually, I liked that part because I was able to get some sleep.

The worse part about the situation is that after a while, everyone starts to smell a little. When the alarm went off and this whole thing started, I was playing jungball with some of the pilots, so I was sweaty from the beginning. I was very ripe by the end of the alert.

Once we went back to normal power, it took a few more hours for the water system to get back on line so everyone could have a shower, but water is still being rationed, so all I got was a bit of a rinse-off. It helped, a little.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The problems with time travel

As we sit out here, on the edge of nowhere, everyone was starting to relax and enjoy the down time. Then the Admiral has us all gather on the flight bay for a full-crew briefing. The scuttlebut was that we were going to head for home and not wait for the remaining two weeks to pass (and "catch up" with ourselves).

The Admiral took the podium and started to talk about the complications that occur with time travel. Apparently every flag officer (Vice Admiral and above) goes through special training about the theory of time travel and parallel universes. The admiral gave everyone a summary of the issues and even showed us pictures.

Admiral Blackstone:

"Ladies, gentlemen and fellow sentients, I cannot give you details, because they are classified, but the Federation Military does have confirmed data about what can happen if the time line is fragmented."

"What you see here is a child of any standard Federation planet.

"Some time back, a research group discovered a method to move around in time and collected evidence of the results of their visits. After one visit, the same baby ended up looking like this:

"The visit was minor, but the change was dramatic. After a second visit, this was the result:

"The third:

"And another:

"As you can see...

"Each visit seemed random with the changes...

"Finally things got out of control, and leaders realized that not only was this a dangerous thing...

"but also these lab boys were having way too much fun at the expense of a small child.

"The whole project was disbanded and all those involved were given the choice to be sworn to secrecy or sold into servitude to the hutts. As such, I am ordering all of you to be patient. If we make any contact with anyone or anything in our present situation, the consequences could be dramatic and tragic."

Every one just stood there dumbfounded. I think the Admirals' talk had the desired effect.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Where to now, St. Peter?

The Admiral has issued a full-silent order, until further notice. We have also moved out from the Endor system to a small, quiet system.

The Admiral is very afraid of something happening that might have a causality effect on our future. As we slowly come forward in time, back to (hopefully) the original timeline that we were on when this crazy adventure began, everyone wants things to get back to normal as soon as possible.

OK, so now we have more time to kill. Because we are in silent mode, we can't even recieve vids or holonet signals for entertainment. I hear that there are some heavy-duty Sabacc games popping up. I also hear that they have made some room in the flight bay for recreation.

Well, that give me some time to catch up on paperwork and try to find M5. I just realized that he has been missing for over a week.

Now I just heard that Jaina is missing! And here I though we were out of trouble.