Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Race Results

Not really a race, but the results of the alerts and sortie scrambles have been tabulated and published.

As I expected ( or rather hoped) Rogue Squadron was first in most of the categories. We came in second for available craft because some of our support crews were out on shore leave and one x-wing was grounded for safety reasons.

Still, with a back-up craft and a full complement, we did very well.

We also came in first in tactical management, where Luke Skywalker did some last-minute downloads of formations for different situations.

I don't want to seem partial, but having Jaina here got everyone motivated, and she also one best over-all for the pilot statistics. I was going to let her know personally, but I heard she was down in the recreation bay with Lieutenant Fel and the rest of the squad.

Good Job Troops! Dessert is on me tonight!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Busy Weekend

It was a busy weekend. We were doing some extra scramble drills, where we see who is the first out of the launch bays and in defense formation.

As you may know, Luke and Jaina came up to partake in the drills and offer some training. Jaina did her amazing work and always seemed to be in the first wave. I guess her Jedi ability allowed her to sense the alarm and get a jump on everyone else.

Mister Skywalker, along with R2, did some observations and also made some recommendations. One of them will require a re-design of the carrier itself, allowing multiple passageways for pilots scrambling to get to the launch bays, but I don't think that will get approved. Still, it is a good idea.

As for R2, all the comments and ribbing has dissipated and things have gotten friendlier between him and M5. In fact, I saw the two of them meeting in the hanger after the last sortie.

So, with the weekend lost to the military, again, I guess it is time to get back to paperwork.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

R2 "Squeaky" D2

The Legend:

It is a little known fact that the famous side-kick of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker is also known as "Squeaky". The highly intellegent R2 droid obtained that nick-name after recieving battle damage in the historic "Battle of Endor", where the second Battle Star was destroyed. This reporter spoke to R2D2 with his translator and companion C3PO.

"R2, what can you tell us about the famed Battle of Endor?"


"Yes, R2 says that it was a very harrowing time for everyone involved, especially because he was very worried about our master, Luke, who was on the Death Star just before it exploded."

"It was about that time that you got tagged with the name "Squeaky". How did that come about?"

"Whistle... whistle ... beep ... burrr... groan... squeak... beep...burrrrp"

"R2 says that while we were fighting Emperial ground forces on Endor he recieved dmage to some of his abulation components that aquired a high-pitched whine when he moved around. It was quickly repaired. He appreciated the humor of the situation as the name "Squeaky" was bandied about by his fellow droids."

"Very good, R2. I want to thank you...."

The Truth (as I remember it):

Yes, there was a Battle of Endor, and yes, R2 was down on the planet helping General Solo disarm the force field that protected the second Death Star.

How much actual enemy fire that R2 recieved is not clear, but with his limited mobility in that type of terrain, it is doubtful he was very active in combat.

When R2 returned with the rest of the Rebel entourage to the carrier, we all noticed the squeaking noise as R2 rolled around bragging about his exploits. It was most noticeable when he was sitting still, so it could not have been his wheels. We got tired of him telling the story over-and-over, so we pinned the name 'Squeaky' on him.

It took technicians over four days to find out that a little creature was living deep inside R2, next to his main power storage unit, where it was nice and warm. It is very embarrasing for a mechdroid to have unexpected noises, and R2 was upset with the nick-name, no matter what he said.

Look Who's Here...

So, Mr. Skywalker arrived, along with lieutenant Jaina Solo, and of course R2 (squeaky). It seems that the Jedi Master had been working with the Big Brass and came up with some different tactics and maneuvers for the wing.

We did a pre-flight briefing and then flew off. We are still orbiting the Hoth system, so everyone knew the area very well.

Skywalker took command of Rogue squadron for the operation, and I was asked to hover around and observe. Fine with me, I was able to watch all the pilots and do a critique of the new styles. After watching the drastic maneuvers for a while, I was glad that I didn't participate. With the Gee-forces they were pulling, my hemorrhoids would have been singing in a matter of minutes. (Ouch!)

What I did get from observing is that something is brewing somewhere, and it is not a normal enemy. There were too many snap rolls and hit-and-run plays in this strategy to me another remnant of the old Empire.

I also noticed how Jaina and her uncle work in close harmony using the Force. I wish more of my pilots had that ability. It would make flying formations a snap.

So, we get back to the carrier and as we are getting out of out craft I hear some beeps and grinds and hissing from M5. He is apparently getting some sub-sonic messages from R2 and is starting to get miffed. I told M5 to remind R2 why he is known as "squeaky" in the squad. That settled things down right away.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back at the Carrier

So, I have returned to work. The fleet is still in the Hoth system, but we had a nice three-day break, what with "Chancellor's Day" and all. Of course there have only been four Chancellors in the New Republic, but we also remember all the Old Republic leaders (except for you-know-who).

So, I was off to Corellia to visit family. There is a public spaceport on Hoth, what with all the recreation on the planet now, so I decided to hop on a commercial space liner from here to Corellia.

Unfortunately, my flight was cancelled, so I had to wait until Saturday to get out of Dodge. I made it home and had a nice break, thank you.

Now I am waiting for some 'fun times' to happen. It appears that Mr. Skywalker and his niece, Jaina Solo, are coming aboard for a mission.

That means I will need to clean up my office today. I also must remember to have a little talk with M5. He has some of the memories from R3 (that were transferred). I don't want him going off on Skywalker's R2 unit. I mean, I enjoy a good droid fight now and then, as do most guys. But I don't think Skywalker would appreciate it, and I don't want to make things uncomfortable for Lieutenant Solo.

We'll see how it goes. I just don't hope Luke starts spewing old war stories. I will really need to bite my lip if that happens.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Deja Vu (All over again)

Hello fellow star pilots.

We had a scramble alert on Wednesday morning. The klaxton went off and I tripped over my own feet trying to find my boots.

I don't know which Admiral is trying to score points with the Galactic Congress, but this rash of alerts and simulation is starting to get a little old.

Anyway, Rogue Squadron was not the first to get out of the flight bay, so we will need to work on that, but being second when the first squadron (Jed Narwick's Condor Dragons) has three less birds to send out, is still good.

We all flew around into our defensive postures and then got the word. The whole fleet was making a jump... to Hoth. * Oh Man!

A couple of hours later all four squadrons of x-wings were swooping around a derelict star destroyer that had some drones shooting back. The master computer system was tracking hits and operating the tie-drones. Actually this system was doing a good job of fighting back.

You may not know, but one of the big attributes of a full dark lord is the ability to control many people through the force. The dark side lets one leader plan and execute military tactics without the need of verbal or electronic communications (that can be jammed).

I found out later that this alert was executed just to test this new software, and I was a very realistic simulation. When the smoke cleared, Rogue squadron lost only five of the twelve birds. Everyone else lost at least half their group, either damaged or destroyed.

We all thought that it was good fun, especially because no one actually was hurt, and we were forming up to return to the carrier when the second phase of our alert was announced: bivouac on Hoth! And I did not pack my long-johns!

So, we swooped down and started blasting out ice caverns. We made caves large enough to park our fighters (two in a cave), then pulled out our survival kits and prepared to sit out the long, long, cold night. We kept two birds in the air for as long as possible to watch for any wompas. I spent most of my time checking up on the squadron and making sure that they all had the necessities for surviving.

Actually, the hard part of this type of survival is keeping your cave warm enough to prevent frostbite yet not so warm that you are swimming in ice water. Sure enough, the next morning, three birds had to be chipped out of the ice.

So, we took off the next morning (I doubt anyone got any real sleep), and then had another mock battle. Those units that were knocked out the night before got to head to the carrier, which made things tougher for the rest of us.

I guess someone had made adjustments to the enemy system because it ended up wiping out all four squadrons. So, now I am back on the carrier waiting for the evaluation results, and then I will need to sit down with the other squadron commanders and go over tactics. There goes my weekend.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

To all my blogging friends:

You are the Death Star of my heart.

Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Back in the saddle

Whew, what an experience. After having my head in so many places I was feeling rather woozy and went to sick-bay. They gave me something to swallow and I woke up yesterday afternoon with a shuttle-load of stuff to do.

But, here I am back at work on Monday morning.

I know that tomorrow is a special day for couples, and if I had a "significant other", or a girl friend, or any woman who I was stalking, I would be getting my box of candy and a nice card all ready. Alas, this latest transfer put and end to my previous relationship, and I now must start over. That is why I thought it would be fun to go on the dating, blog, thingy and see if I matched up with the bachelorette du jour.

I also just found out that I have a real mission comming up in a couple of days, so if I have nto updated my post, then that is probably why. I am sure it is a simple recon mission to some outpost, but we in Rogue squadron never take anything for granted.

How about some visual entertainment while you are waiting?

Musical Juggler


Friday, February 10, 2006

Leading man

I hate to take the easy way out, but I was stuck on a transport yesterday due to inclement weather planet-side. I now must catch up on all my correspondance and other duties.

So... for your enjoyment...

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Find out what kind of classic dame you'd make by taking the Classic Dames Test.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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Link: The Classic Leading Man Test written by gidgetgoes on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

I think this is fair, based on what I know of old movies, but "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Memories of Corellia

As this is a Memoirs Blog, I found some time is my busy life to reflect on a few things. I was ‘volunteered’ to be part of this inspection team that will be doing spot-checks around the carrier. True, the SS Organa is less than a year old, but it is a very large vessel, and some parts of it were actually fabricated over five years ago.

So, I guess the Admiral found out that I know a little about building such large ships, and next thing I know, I am poking around and looking at specification manuals, and trying to read engineering drawings. Man, give me a dogfight with a hyper-active tie fighter over this at any time!

But, I digress.

I was remembering growing up on Corellia, and every so often the Empire would allow the companies to have ‘family day’. This was nice, if you had a family. In my early years, it never struck me as odd that most of the families that showed up were human. There were very few other species that had children. And any non-human children were either very wealthy, or very shy.

As I grew older and more curious, I realized that the Empire did not favor non-humans. In fact, most of the non-human people that I would run into were forced labor. The Empire was using the highly secured ship yards as prisons for ‘Political Discedants’.

At night, my father would talk about the old Republic, but he also said that things were better for us, now that the Empire was building many new and larger ships for their fleet. At first, that was true. My dad was promoted and we had more money. But by the time I was in High school and working part time at the docks, it was not as good.

The company said that people had to work longer hours and expected more results. The general economy of Corellia seemed to be slipping and things were costing more. I was even putting in extra time flying my loader at the docks just to help out with money at home.

(Right out of a Dickens novel isn’t it?)

I will continue with this memory next time. Now, I gotta go stick my head into a head.

Holding my nose

“Wheew! Man, who, or what, last used this thing, a Hutt?”

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Number

I am

Everyone loves pi


what number are you?

this quiz by orsa

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Stupor Bowl

Hey, remember when we were young and anyone over 30 years old was considered too old to be doing true Rock 'n' Roll?

So why do we think it is cool for a 62 year-old man to be still prancing on stage with his AARP friends and playing rock music.

Could Rock be going the way of the Big Band Era and folk music? Will RAP and Hip-Hop become the true sound of the 90's generation?

It is very possible. As one regime dies off and another one takes over there is always resentment and friction.

Hey, I am an ex-Rebel, so I understand.